NACDL Affinity Partner Program

As a partner with NACDL, you'll have the unique opportunity to increase sales and strengthen long-term links through a combination of marketing activities tailored to your company's specific needs.  Partner programs match quality product and service providers with attorneys who use and need their services. 

NACDL is continually looking for opportunities to offer its members the best products and services available, to enhance their legal practices.  We will work with you to market your company's products and services on an ongoing basis through a special NACDL sponsorship.

NACDL members are the nation's premier criminal defense attorneys from some of the most prestigious firms in the U.S.  NACDL members are litigators with real spending power - enough spending power to make a major point of sale for your quality legal products and services!  As the bar association for the criminal defense lawyer, members look to NACDL first for all of their professional and personal resource needs. Your company's affiliation with NACDL gives you immediate, high-quality market penetration. NACDL's foundation of credibility, which began in 1958, can become your company's springboard to greater success with this significant market!

As a partner, NACDL will actively promote the program by: 

  • Allowing the use of NACDL's name and Affinity Partner logo on all materials that promote the program;
  • Inserting brochures, provided by the partner, in monthly NACDL New Member Kits;
  • Listing the program on NACDL's website, with a link to your company's own site;
  • Distributing brochures, provided by the partner, to members at NACDL's quarterly meetings;
  • Including program information in the member benefit listings distributed by NACDL to our members and prospective members;
  • Extending significant partner discounts - as well as preferential placement when possible - on advertising, exhibiting, and list rentals;
  • Providing an opportunity for hosting a seminar or product demonstration at one of NACDL's quarterly meetings;
  • Accessing the extensive market knowledge of NACDL staff and leadership, who understand this specialty market.
To ensure a successful program all around, the partner needs to aggressively promote the program to NACDL members through a combination of marketing activities, including: 


  • Advertising in NACDL publications at preferential discounts;
  • Exhibiting at one or more of NACDL's quarterly meetings;
  • Directly emailing to NACDL members, at least once annually;
  • Offering discounted rates to NACDL members.
Be a part of this growing list of NACDL partners: Office Depot, UPS, Complete Equity Markets, Adobe and more.
For more information about NACDL Affinity Partner oopportunities at NACDL seminars and events contact Jason Hawthorne Petty at (202) 465-7637 or email 

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