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I Am Gideon's Future: Law Student Perspectives on Public Defense

In 1963 the Supreme Court, in Gideon v. Wainwright, made clear that providing counsel to those facing criminal charges was a “fundamental right, essential to a fair trial.” Today, more than 80% of people facing criminal charges entrust their freedom and their futures to public defense lawyers. As we reflect upon the 60th anniversary of the Gideon decision, we want to celebrate and elevate the next generation of our nation's public defense lawyers. 

Amplifying the voices of the next generation of public defense leaders!

In law schools across the country students are forging their own paths to careers in public defense. Whether driven to fight injustice, to protect the constitution, to stand up for the underdog, to give voice to those who society tries to marginalize, or a to restore a person's humanity and dignity, we know there are many reasons to pursue career in public defense. Help us share your stories.

We are putting together a video on the future of public defense and are asking law students who are poised to answer Gideon's call to share their story. Record a video telling us why you want to be a public defense lawyer and how you are preparing for this critical role. We will be compiling those stories into a video that will be showcased at the upcoming Answering Gideon's Call: Serving Your Community Through Public Defense event on October 18th.

Please share your videos through our portal and find your self featured in our video project.

Share your story:

1) Record a short video (no more than 30 seconds) sharing:
  • Public Defense Pride: Tell us why you want to become a public defense lawyer. 
  • Public Defender Preparation: Share how you are preparing for a career in public defense.
2) Complete the form below.
3) Upload your video: Once you complete the form, check your email for a link to upload your video. 
  • Be sure the File Name of your video matches the file name you submit on the form.

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Learn more about how to make and upload your video by checking out our guidelines. 

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