Grand Jury Reform Legislation in the 105th Congress (1998)

Sen. Dale Bumpers (D-AR) introduced the Grand Jury Due Process Act (S. 2030) in May 1998. This legislation would have provided a right to assistance of counsel in the grand jury room. In July 1998, Bumpers introduced a more comprehensive reform bill called the Grand Jury Reform Act (S. 2289). In addition to providing a right to counsel's presence, this legislation would have required that grand jurors receive basic legal instructions, that prosecutors present any substantial evidence of innocence, and that defendants receive transcripts of certain grand jury testimony against them.

Both bills were referred to the Judiciary Committee. In July 1998, Bumpers offered his right to counsel proposal as an amendment to the CJS appropriations bill (S. Amdt. 3243 to S. 2260), but it was defeated 59-41.

Materials Relating to Sen. Bumpers' Grand Jury Bills, Including Floor Statements, Bill Text, and Roll Call Vote.

•   S. 2030      •   S. 2289

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