Cannabis Justice Initiative Loved Ones Questionnaire

Please fill out this form to indicate your interest in getting legal assistance for your loved one. Please be aware we can only assist those serving a federal sentence and in certain states. 

The Cannabis Justice Initiative is a partnership between the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Last Prisoner Project.

We are not able to provide pro bono legal assistance to individuals whose cases fail to meet the following eligibility requirements.*

  1. The underlying offense is primarily cannabis-related;

  2. No other drugs were involved in the underlying offense;

  3. The individual is currently incarcerated post-conviction or has been released and is seeking assistance with early termination of supervised release; and

  4. The individual has no violent or sexual convictions in their criminal history.


* Completing this form does not guarantee that your loved one will be awarded pro bono legal support.

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You can also mail them to us to the attention of Maria Singh at 1660 L St NW Fl 12, Washington, DC 20036