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As an Affiliate Organization, you have a partner in NACDL when it comes to your advocacy and state legislative needs.

NACDL has always been and continues to be committed to serving as a  partner with our state affiliates, state advocacy groups and partner organizations to promote criminal justice reform at the state level. NACDL is here to work with you to ensure that an active, engaged, and effective grassroots advocacy network is at your disposal. Contact Monica L. Reid, NACDL's Senior Director of Advocacy for:

  • State Legislative Tracking - NACDL tracks over 30 criminal justice related issues at the state level, in all 50 states and Washington, DC. The full report that includes all issue areas is available and shared monthly via the State Criminal Justice Network newsletter. 
  • Grassroots Advocacy Training - Give your members the knowledge and tools to become vocal and effective advocates for criminal justice issues. Visit NACDL's Advocacy Resource Library for a host of information on how to engage with your elected officials. 
  • Issue Advocacy Strategy - Have NACDL assist and provide input in your legislative battle plan.  NACDL's involvement can be as visible or invisible as your organization desires. 
  • Legislative Outreach Planning and Execution - Conducting events with both legislators and members in attendance is a great way to encourage effective relationships and to educate legislators on pertinent issues. 
  • Advocacy Day Prep, Planning, and Execution - An annual lobby day is a great way to bring attention to important issues, get your membership involved in the legislative process, and to educate legislators on pertinent issues. 
  • Legislative Action Alerts for State Issues - Does your state have pending legislation that requires your membership to take action?  Take advantage of NACDL's online advocacy tools!  As an affiliate or partner organization, you have the opportunity to utilize NACDL's advocacy platform to disseminate legislative action alerts to prompt our network of advocates to contact their elected officials. 
  • Expert Witness Fund - This fund is available to affiliate and partner organizations who seek to bring in a witness to testify before a legislative committee or hearing. An application is required and can be requested by emailing 
  • Review and feedback on pending state legislation.
  • A Letter of support or opposition from NACDL.
  • Coalition Sign-on Letters - Assistance organizing a coalition sign-on letter of other state and national criminal justice organizations.
  • And More! - Please feel free to contact NACDL for any kind of advocacy question or need! Assistance can generally be in the form that will best serve your needs.

For any kind of advocacy assistance please contact Monica L. Reid, NACDL's Senior Director of Advocacy. NACDL is committed to providing affiliate organizations the advocacy support needed to ensure justice for all persons accused of a crime.

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