Adopting Special Election Procedures

The following procedures were adopted to govern a special election at the 2018 annual board meeting.

WHEREAS one vacancy on the board of directors was declared by the election of a director to the position of treasurer; and

WHEREAS pursuant to NACDL’s bylaws, the vacancy was announced publicly and applications will be sought for the Director position; and

WHEREAS the vacant term lasts until the 2019 annual meeting; and

WHEREAS the board anticipates that at least two qualified timely applications will be submitted; and

WHEREAS Article VI, Section 6(b) of NACDL’s bylaws provides that the elections rules and procedures for a special election be adopted by the Board preceding the election; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the following procedures shall govern the special election to be held at the 2017 fall board meeting:

Before the board votes, each candidate will have the opportunity to speak briefly to the board about his or her qualifications. No negative inference may be drawn should a candidate not address the board;

Voting will be by secret ballot;

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A candidate who receives a majority vote of the Board of Directors will have been elected, per Article VI, Section 6(b) of the NACDL bylaws;

Officers, directors, and past presidents who are current voting members of NACDL shall be eligible to vote for the purposes of determining the majority vote, per Article III, Section 6(b) of NACDL’s bylaws;

In any round of voting, eligible voters may vote for as many candidates as remain unfilled positions in the current election; and

In any round of voting, if the number of candidates who receive a majority vote of the present members of the Board of Directors equals the number of unfilled positions, those candidates will have been elected.


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