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July 2013 , Page 14 

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NACDL News: NACDL Speaks Out Regarding Ongoing NSA Revelations

By Ivan J. Dominguez and Isaac Kramer

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On July 2, 2013, NACDL issued a statement concerning recent reports of extensive domestic surveillance by the National Security Agency. In it, NACDL expressed profound concern with ongoing revelations suggesting that the U.S. government is engaged in a wholesale, round-the-clock infringement of Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights. Among the concerns raised specific to the constitutionally outlined role of defense counsel in the American criminal justice system is the sanctity of the attorney-client and work product privileges, as well as the use of secret evidence in criminal proceedings.

Thereafter, further revelations were brought to light concerning NSA surveillance use and intentional, systematic nondisclosure in domestic, nonterror-related criminal cases. Specifically with respect to the DEA, Reuters reported that “[a] secretive U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration unit is funneling information from intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants, and a massive database o

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