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May 2013 , Page 92 

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NACDL News: NACDL Remembers Richard Bing

By Natman Schaye

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NACDL lost one of its true champions May 3, 2013, with the passing of Richard Bing, the editor of The Champion from 1991 to 2006. Richard was a gentle, soft-spoken man with a quirky sense of humor. While he may have lacked a commanding presence, he had a deep concern for NACDL’s members and an unfailing drive to make the organization’s monthly magazine the very best publication of its kind.

Richard possessed an unfailing determination to seek out and publish articles useful to criminal defense lawyers in their fight for justice. He would never back down from what he believed was right. Richard was not just a great editor, he was a great friend.

I once asked Richard why he wanted me to continue as co-chair of the magazine’s advisory board every year. Certainly, he could have chosen someone who was better known, a better writer, or had more status in NACDL. He said that he wanted help from people who approve articles based on their quality, not the author’s name or reputation. This was the essence of Richard Bing.

It’s a Wonderful Life tells us that every time we hear a bell ring, an angel gets his wings. Every time I hear a “bing,” I will think of Richard — TheChampion’s champion.

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