2013 Board of Directors Resolutions

Resolutions adopted by NACDL's Board of Directors or Membership are posted online. Resolutions adopted prior to the year 2000 are posted as they are available. For more information on resolutions adopted prior to 2000, please contact NACDL.

Adopting Model Legislation Regarding Drones

The Board of Directors adopted model legislation to protect individual privacy against unwanted governmental intrusion through the use of drones

Concerning the use of Familial DNA Searching during Criminal Investigations

The Board of Directors adopted recommended conditions on the use of familial DNA searches.

Regarding Defense Access to DNA Databases

NACDL supports federal and state legislation to ensure defense access to CODIS for purposes of preparing a defense or petitioning for post-conviction relief or executive clemency.

Concerning Restoration of Funding For Federal Indigent Defense

NACDL opposes any further cuts to Federal Defender offices.

Honoring the Extraordinary Legacy of NACDL Past President Murray J. Janus

The Membership of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers adjourns its 2013 Midwinter Meeting in honor and memory of Past President Murray J. Janus.

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