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Board Resolution ~ 10/26/2008(3)

Supporting the Justice Integrity Act

Resolution of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Supporting the Justice Integrity Act 

Tampa, Florida
October 26, 2008

WHEREAS racial and ethnic bias has a shameful impact at all stages of the criminal justice process, the most visible effect of which is the gross imbalance between whites and minorities in U.S. prisons;

WHEREAS the “war on drugs” has greatly exacerbated racial disparity within the criminal justice system;

WHEREAS all levels and branches of government must strive to eliminate racial and ethnic bias in the criminal justice system through improved law enforcement training and discipline, condemnation of racial and ethnic profiling, and reform or abolition of laws that have a disproportionate impact on minorities; and

WHEREAS the Justice Integrity Act seeks to address racial and ethnic disparities in the federal justice system by mandating the creation of pilot programs to evaluate racial and ethnic fairness in the practices of U.S. Attorney offices;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers supports the Justice Integrity Act and urges its swift passage.

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