Board Resolution ~ 11/09/1996

Concerning Isolation of Prisoners

Resolution of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Concerning Isolation of Prisoners

November 9, 1996

WHEREAS the Federal Bureau of Prisons of the United States Department of Justice has promulgated regulations for the regulation of contact by federal prisoners with people on the outside;

AND WHEREAS, under these regulations inmates can be placed in administrative segregation (isolation) and can be prohibited from using prison telephones, barred from interviews, visits and correspondence at the request of the FBI, CIA or other agencies, with ultimate final authority in the Attorney General, and on information kept secret from the inmate if the Bureau or Attorney General is of the opinion that such contacts or interviews by the prisoner present a substantial risk of possible death, serious bodily harm, or substantial propert damage;

IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED that the NACDL is opposed to this totalitarian assault on fundamental principles that, over the course of our history, have set this Nation above and apart from other Countries in the world.

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