Excessive Sentencing Project - Virgin Islands

Policies and rulings on lengthy imprisonment terms in Virgin Islands.

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Leading Court Discussions of Graham and Miller

Beaupierre v. Virgin Islands, 2011 WL 3585507 (V.I. August 11, 2011) (mandatory minimum sentence does not violate Eighth Amendment) 

Condrington v. People, 2012 WL 2949139 (V.I. July 20, 2012) (Graham does not apply to 19-year-old who committed homicide.) 

People in Interest of K.J.F., 2013 WL 3377638 (V.I. July 5, 2013) (Defendant cannot appeal under Miller before he is imposed LWOP.)  

Williams v. Virgin Islands, 2013 WL 5913305 (V.I., November 5, 2013) (juvenile sentence of LWOP remand case in light of Miller.

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