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July 2007 , Page 51 

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By Jospeh E. Lowery

Chaplains of the Common Good

I am in an interesting predicament. My speech is on my desk at home. I know everything I want to say, but it just isn’t organized. We may be here all day! But I don’t have to include a lot of material because I’m preaching to the choir.

If one were to ask me what aspect of life in the United States has been the least impacted by the movement for social justice, my answer would be the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system in 2007 is too much like the criminal justice system of 1907, and it would be worse if it were not for people like you.

The death penalty is the haunting measure of the corrupt nature of our criminal justice system. The United States is a nation that kills people in order to stop killing. I want to commend you for your concern about the death penalty. I don’t need to give you any statistics. You know them better than I do.

Race is an important factor in the administration of the death penalty. Blac

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