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September/October 2003 , Page 39 

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By Chris Adams

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Gosh how times change. It seems like just yesterday that the First Monday in October was something to fear. After Ring, Atkins, and Wiggins, perhaps the Supreme Court is once again a place where we, on a good day, might find a little justice. Thus far the Court has docketed 39 cases, roughly half of what should be their final docket. NACDL has provided amicus briefs in many of the cases, and these should be available on line. The source for this month’s Death Watch is On the Docket, which is available at This Web site provides the story behind each case and tons of useful information. Here’s a rundown of criminal cases thus far docketed for the 2003-2004 Term of the Supreme Court:  

United States v. Banks; 02-0473

Appealed From: 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (March 5, 2002)
Oral Argument: Oct. 15, 2003
Subject: Fourth Amendment, searches, warrants, knock & announce
Question(s) presented: Whether law enforcement officers

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