Baughman v. Virginia

Brief of the National Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Delegate Patrick A. Hope as Amici Curiae in Support of Petition for Appeal.

Brief filed: 11/09/2020


Baughman v. Virginia

Supreme Court of Virginia;

Prior Decision

Decision below 2019 WL 6869094 (Court of Appeals of Vir. Dec. 17, 2019)


The Circuit Court Violated Virginia law and due process by allowing the Commonwealth to expert-shop and admitting only its second, illegally obtained expert opinion. The Circuit Court violated Virginia law and due process by arbitrarily precluding Mr. Baughman from presenting testimony by Dr. Gravers and Dr. Krueger in his defense at trial.


David B. Smith, NACDL, Alexandria, VA; Joshua D. Greenberg, the Josh Greenberg Law Firm PLLC, Washington, DC.

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