Authorizing the Commemoration Of the Life of Albert J. Krieger

The Board of Directors passed a resolution authorizing the commemoration of the life of Albert J. Krieger.

WHEREAS, Albert J. Krieger served as the 21st President of NACDL from 1979 – 1980, was the 1995 recipient of the NACDL Heeney Award, and served NACDL and its members for more than half a century;

WHEREAS, Albert J. Krieger dedicated his life to upholding the Sixth Amendment right to counsel and to the elevation of the defense function;

WHEREAS, Albert J. Krieger was a bridge from the original founders of NACDL and who, through his eloquence, integrity, dignity, and example, transformed NACDL into a singularly respected advocate for a fair and humane criminal justice system; and

WHEREAS, Albert J. Krieger, with his resonant voice and commanding presence, pronounced the mission of the criminal defense lawyer as follows:

The criminal defense lawyer marches into the pit, often unloved by everyone on in the courtroom, but with the courage, strength, and mind to make our Constitution live as a vibrant being in that courtroom on behalf of someone who at that moment stands for all the principles of freedom and dignity. It is a chore in many respects. It is difficult in all respects. It is tiring. It is demanding. But it is what we signed up for.

Therefore BE IT RESOLVED that the NACDL Annual Meeting shall be named to honor the life and legacy of Albert J. Krieger and henceforth shall be known as the Albert J. Krieger Annual Meeting of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Resolution of the Board of Directors
February 27, 2021
Virtual Meeting

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