Public Defense Reports & Papers

Reports and papers related to public defense.

Symposium: Public Defense: Critical Issues and the New Empirical Research, 14 Ohio St. J. Crim. L. 331 et seq. (2017).

Results from the First Six Months of the Public Safety Assessment - CourtTM in Kentucky, Laura and John Arnold Foundation, July 2014.

Gideon at 50: Part 2 - Redefining Indigence: Financial Eligibility Guidelines for Assigned Counsel, NACDL, March 2014.

Developing a National Model for Pretrial Risk AssessmentLaura and John Arnold Foundation, November 2013.

Assessing Pretrial Risk without a Defendant InterviewLaura and John Arnold Foundation, November 2013.

Investigating the Impact of Pretrial Detention on Sentencing OutcomesLaura and John Arnold Foundation, November 2013. 

The Hidden Costs of Pretrial DetentionLaura and John Arnold Foundation, November 2013. 

Exploring the Impact of Supervision on Pretrial OutcomesLaura and John Arnold Foundation, November 2013. 

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Unsecured Bonds: The as Effective and Most Efficient Pretrial Release Option, Pretrial Justice Institute, October 2013.

Gideon at 50: Three Reforms to Revive the Right to Counsel, Brennan Center for Justice, April 2013.

The Outskirts of Hope: How Ohio's Debtors' Prisons Are Ruining Lives and Costing Communities, ACLU, April 2013.

Gideon at 50: Part I - Rationing Justice: The Underfunding of Assigned Counsel Systems, NACDL, March 2013.

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Three-Minute Justice: Haste and Waste in Florida's Misdemeanor Courts, NACDL, July 2011.

System Overload: The Costs of Under-Resourcing Public Defense, Justice Policy Institute, July 2011.

Minor Crimes, Massive Waste: The Terrible Toll of America's Broken Misdemeanor Courts, NACDL, April 2009.
Justice Denied: America’s Continuing Neglect of our Constitutional Right to Counsel, National Right to Counsel Committee, April 2009.

Gideon’s Broken Promise: Americas Continuing Quest for Equal Justice, American Bar Association, December 2006.

In Defense of Public Access to Justice: An Assessment of Trial-Level Indigent Defense Services 40 Years after Gideon, NLADA and NACDL, March 2004.