Public Defenseless

Public Defenseless, with Hunter Parnell, produced a series on the Fourth Amendment and tech featuring staff from NACDL's  Fourth Amendment Center. Tune in below for conversations on big data policing, facial recognition, digital general warrants, and the current state of the Fourth Amendment. 

Why the Fourth Amendment Needs to Enter the Digital Age with Jumana Musa

Jumana Musa, Director of the Fourth Amendment Center, set the stage for the other conversations in the series and discussed the ultimate question: Given the Supreme Court and lower Court decisions on Fourth Amendment Cases, what faith should we have that the legal profession is ready to usher the Fourth Amendment into the 21st century?

The Dangerous Expansion of Facial Recognition Technology with Clare Garvie

Clare Garvie, Training and Resource Counsel and the Center's resident expert on facial recognition, laid out her report on the technology, it's widespread use, and why that is cause for concern. This is not something that police departments should be using any time soon. 

The Digital General Warrants Encroaching on Your Right to Privacy with Mike Price

Michael Price, the Center's Litigation Director, discussed the formation of the Fourth Amendment as protection against general warrants in the colonial period, when the British governement would issue warrants allowing law enforcement to search anything and everything in a person's possesion. This was often an attempt to harrass or intimidate. Geofence and Reverse Keyword warrants are new iterations of general warrants in the digital age. This episode explores what can be done to stop these warrants. 

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