Organize Data: How to Collaborate on an FDP Database

The Full Disclosure Project application allows collaboration with multiple organizations in a single database, sharing as much information as desired while protecting legally privileged information. There can only be one host of the application who maintains the database on their server. However, if desired, the host organization can grant access to external organizations (called guest organizations) to view and edit data. Any system users will be assigned to the organization(s) to which they belong, which will ensure that they only see what the organization is permitted to view.

When a host allows guest access, the organizations must decide 1) how to manage guest users 2) the division of labor for police misconduct data entry.

User Management Options

  1. The host organization approves and manages a limited number of guest users from guest organization(s) to access to the database. The guest organization(s) do not have any administrative access to the system.

  2. The host organization allows a guest organization(s) to have an administrator with the ability to manage their users. The guest organization cannot enter in any data.

  3. The host organization allows a guest organization to connect the organization’s electronic staff directory, if they have one, to the system which automatically manages their users.

Division of Labor Options

  1. Host organization does all the data entry.

  2. Host organization does all the public data entry. Guest organization enters in their legally privileged information.

  3. Host organization and guest organizations share responsibility for entering public data in close coordination. Each organization respectively enters in their own legally privileged information.

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