Lifetime Achievement Award

In recognition of exceptional accomplishments over a lifetime of distinguished leadership and service on behalf of the law, NACDL has presented Lifetime Achievement Awards to individuals.

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2024 William H. "Billy" Murphy, Jr. Baltimore, MD
2023 James R. Willis Cleveland, OH
2022 Martin G. Weinberg Boston, MA
2021 Norman L. Reimer New York, NY
2020 Bryan Stevenson Montgomery, AL
2018 Theodore V. Wells, Jr. New York, NY
2017 Charles J. Ogletree, Jr. Boston, MA
2014 Manuel D. Vargas New York, NY
2009 Hans A. Linde Portland, OR
2008 James M. Shellow Milwaukee, WI
2008 James R. Willis Cleveland, OH
2008 Stephen B. Bright Atlanta, GA
2007 Bobby Lee Cook Summerville, GA
2006 Robert W. Ritchie Knoxville, TN
2002 Ephraim Margolin San Francisco, CA
1999 Samuel Dash Washington, DC
1999 Michael E. Tigar Washington, DC
1998 Charles A. Gessler Los Angeles, CA
1996 Judge William Wayne Justice Tyler, TX
1996 Deryl Dantzler Macon, GA
1995 Ramsey Clark New York, NY
1995 Raymond A. Brown Newark, NJ
1991 Cathy E. Bennett Galveston, TX
1987 Albert J. Krieger Miami, FL

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