Commentary & Scholarship on the FCPA

The FCPA is emblematic of the serious problem of overcriminalization. While it seeks to prevent and redress serious misconduct, its language and application have led to unintended consequences. Many organizations, from both the left and the right, are now calling for some much-needed commonsense reform of the statute, particularly reforms that will strengthen its mens rea requirements and bring clarity, uniformity and fairness to its enforcement.  This page contains commentary and scholarship on the FCPA.


Coalition Letter to the Department of Justice and the Securities & Exchange Commission on "Guidance Concerning the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act," February 21, 2012.

Written Testimony of NACDL Director of White Collar Crime Policy Shana-Tara Regon Before the House Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security, on the "Foreign Corrupt Practices Act," June 14, 2011.

Commentary & Scholarship

Paul F. Enzinna, The FCPA: Aggressive Enforcement and Lack of Judicial Review Create Uncertain Terrain for Businesses, The Manhattan Institute, January 2013.

Mike Koehler, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Enforcement as Seen through Wal-Mart’s Potential Exposure, Sept. 2012.

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Jon Jordan, The Adequate Procedures Defense Under the UK Bribery Act: A British Idea for the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, June 2012.

D. Daniel Sokol, Cartels, Corporate Compliance and What Practitioners Really Think About Enforcement, June 2012.

Lucian E. Dervan and Markus Rubenstahl, Global Bribery: The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, May 2012.

Mark Tuohey, Paul Enzinna, & Lauren Curry, Corporate Counsel, An In-House Counsel Corporate Corruption Playbook, April 2012.

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Joseph W. Yockey, FCPA Settlement, Internal Strife, and the ‘Culture of Compliance’, March 2012.

Catherine Dunn, Corporate Counsel, Double Jeopardy and the New World of Antibribery Laws, March 2012.

Brian Cabrera, Corporate Counsel, Five Essential Elements of a Successful International Compliance Program, March 2012.

Mike Koehler, What Percentage of DOJ FCPA Losses is Acceptable?, March 2012.

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Barbara Black, The SEC and the FCPA: Fighting Global Corruption is Not Part of the SEC's Mission, February 2012.

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