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  1. How do I obtain CLE credit for online NACDL programs?

To obtain credit for an online program, be sure to write down the verification code that will appear on the screen at a random time during each episode, then submit the code on the provided CLE verification form to Kaylie Arntson at

  1. I missed the code. Can I still get credit without including the code?

No. As an Accredited CLE Sponsor, NACDL is required to verify attendance before we issue certificates of completion. Providing the codes help verify participation. You are encouraged to view the program again to obtain the code.

  1. I submitted the code several days ago but my attendance is not showing up on my record. Was my email received?

Most likely, yes. As an Accredited CLE Sponsor, we have up to 30 days to report attendance to the various state bars. We receive a high volume of CLE inquiries every day, so it may take several days to respond to each email and process attendance.

  1. Is this program approved in my state?

Please check with your state CLE Commission to make sure the program is currently approved. For online viewing, check your state’s specific rules about CLE credit for on-demand programming. If the program is not yet approved in your state, feel free to email Cori Crisfield at to inquire about the possibility of approval. Keep in mind that state rules may have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that some states have different criteria for live online programs vs. pre-recorded online programs.

  1. The program is 12+ hours long but my state has only approved it for 4 credits (for example). Why?

There are generally two reasons why this can happen in certain states and certain programs. Many states have expiration dates for course approvals, and will not accept an episode in our compilation programs if that episode is older than a certain cut-off date. Additionally, some states have limits to how many on-demand credits an attorney can claim in one reporting year, and thus only accredit our longer programs for that maximum number of credits.

  1. I am not an attorney, but I want to use NACDL programs for other professional certification purposes. Can I do that?

Absolutely! NACDL only applies for Continuing Legal Education credits, but we can provide a certificate of completion and a program description if needed for other professional education credits.

  1. I’m being charged extra for my state. Why?

Certain states (GA, IL, NC, NE, NM, PA, UT) may charge extra fees, depending on the program. To avoid having to increase the overall program cost for all participants, those extra fees are only passed on to the participants from those specific states. Please call Denise Blake at 202-465-7631 to make the payment if you are from one of these states and have not submitted payment already.

  1. I exited the webpage in the middle of a CLE video. Can I fast-forward to pick up where I left off?

No. To comply with CLE regulations, our videos do not have the typical functions of rewind and fast-forward. You may pause the video by clicking on the center of the video, but make sure to not exit the browser or you will lose your place.

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  1. I registered for a CLE program, but haven’t received a link to the videos. Where can I find that?

First, check your spam folder. If the registration confirmation is not there, please email Cori Crisfield at In order to watch the videos, you must be logged into our website using your member or visitor account with the email and password combination.

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