Additional Resources on Pretrial

Additional resources on pretrial practices and policies


ACLU of New Jersey
Arnold Ventures
Civil Rights Corps
Pretrial Justice Institute
Prison Policy Initiative
Safety + Justice Challenge
Silicon Valley De-Bug
The Bail Project
Vera Institute of Justice


Bail, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, June 2015
How Bail Works, Vera Institute for Justice
What if We Ended the Injustice of Bail, TEDTalk, Robin Steinberg

Law Review Publications

Do Attorneys Really Matter: The Empirical and Legal Case for the Right of Counsel at Bail, Colbert, Pasternostor, Bushway, 23 Cardozo L.R. 101 (2002)
Downstream Consequences of Misdemeanor Pretrial Detention, Heaton, P., Mayson, S., Stevenson, M., 69 Stanford Law Rev. 711 (2017)
Towards an Optimal Bail System, C.S. Yang, 92 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 1450 (2017)
Undoing the Bail Myth: Pretrial Reforms to End Mass Incarceration, Rahman, 46 Fordham Urban L.J. 845 (2019)

News Articles 

Bail Reformers Aren't Waiting for Bail Reform, Alysia Santo, The Marshall Project, Aus. 23, 2016
The Failure to Appear Fallacy, Ethan Corey and Puck Lo, The Appeal, Jan. 9, 2019
The Future Of Pretrial Justice Is Not Money Bail Or System Supervision - It’s Freedom And Community, Raj Jayadev - SV De-Bug - April 4, 2019

Public Opinion and Messaging

Americans Back Limiting Pretrial Detention, Expanding Release, Pew Charitable Trust (2018)
Media Toolkit for Pretrial Justice Partners, PJI (2017)
Public Opinion Poll on Jails and Local Criminal Justice Systems, RTI International and Zogby Analytics (2018)
Survey on American Money Bail System, Americans Recognize Inequities in Pretrial Justice System and Support Reforms, Charles Koch Institute (2018)

Reports and Policies

8 Basic Principles for Money Bail Reform, Katal Center, 2017
A New Vision for Pretrial Justice, ACLU, 2019
Effects of Pretrial Detention on Conviction, Future Crime, and Employment: Evidence from Randomly Assigned Judges, Dobbie, W., Goldin, J., Yang, C., American Econ. Rev. (2018)
Evaluating the Impact of Eliminating Prosecutorial Requests for Cash Bail, Ouss and Stevenson (2019)
Freedom Denied: How the Culture of Detention Created a Federal Jailing Crisis University of Chicago Law School Federal Criminal Justice Clinic, (2022)
Justice Denied: The Harmful and Lasting Effects of Pretrial Detention, Vera (2019)
Moving Beyond Money: A Primer on Bail Reform, Criminal Justice Policy Program, (2016)
Not In It For Justice: How California's Pretrial Detention and Bail System Unfairly Punishes Poor People, Human Rights Watch (2017)
Open Roads and Overflowing Jails: Addressing high rates of rural pretrial incarceration, Right on Crime and Texas Public Policy Foundation (2018)
Out of Sight: The Growth of Jails in Rural America, Vera Institute of Justice
The Hidden Costs of Pretrial Detention, Lowenkamp, VanNostrand, Holsinger (2013)

Other Resources

Incarceration Trends, An interactive state and county-level map detailing incarceration data, Vera Institute for Justice
Q&A Pretrial Incarceration, Bail, Human Rights Watch (2018)
Where Pretrial Improvements are Happening, Pretrial Justice Institute (2019)

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