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March 2014 , Page 10 

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NACDL News: NYU Journal Looks at Racial And Ethnic Disparities in the Criminal Justice System

By Isaac Kramer

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The NYU Journal of Legislation and Public Policy released a special issue in January, in collaboration with NACDL, featuring a series of articles examining the critical issue of racial and ethnic disparities in the criminal justice system. This issue culminates more than a year of focused NACDL action aimed at addressing racial and ethnic disparities. It follows the December 2013 conference, “Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparity in the Criminal Justice System: Advancing the Reform Dialogue Through Action,” which NACDL co-hosted with the Brennan Center for Justice, the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, the Center for NuLeadership on Urban Solutions, and the New York County Lawyers’ Association.

The special issue, “Criminal Justice in the 21st Century: Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparity in the Criminal Justice System,” is available free online. Articles in the issue include In Search of Racial Justice: The Role of the Prosecutor (Angela J. Davis), Across the Hudson: Taking the Stop and Frisk Debate Beyond New York City (David A. Harris), Stop Terry: Reasonable Suspicion, Race, and a Proposal to Limit Terry Stops (Renée McDonald Hutchins), ‘Give Us Free’: Addressing Racial Disparities in Bail Determinations (Cynthia E. Jones), Criminal Records, Race and Redemption (Michael Pinard), Implicitly Unjust: How Defenders Can Affect Systemic Racist Assumptions (Jonathan A. Rapping), and ‘Curing’ Own Race Bias: What Cognitive Science and the Henderson Case Teach About Improving Jurors’ Ability to Identify Race-Trained Eyewitness Error (Andrew E. Taslitz).

A complete overview of NACDL’s extensive work in this area, including links to all the articles published in the NYU Journal of Legislation and Public Policy and video from the December 2013 conference, is available online at http://www.nacdl.org/racialjustice/.

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