Book Review: Trial Manual 6 for the Defense of Criminal Cases

We are both former public defenders who cut our teeth on earlier versions of this essential criminal defense treatise. For us and for new generations of criminal defense lawyers, there is a newly revised, two-volume Trial Manual 6 for the Defense of Criminal Cases by Anthony Amsterdam and his NYU colleague Randy Hertz. Tony Amsterdam has been an incredibly creative criminal defense lawyer and teacher for close to six decades and his teaching and counseling have guided many of us through the treacherous landscape of criminal defense. Randy Hertz has made his mark in exceptional clinical teaching and advocacy and as co-author of a highly touted treatise on federal habeas corpus practice (with James Liebman) and juvenile defense practice (with Amsterdam and Martin Guggenheim). Their skills and innovative thinking have produced a Manual that should be on every criminal lawyer’s book shelf, serving as the first reference book for inexperienced lawyers and as an essential resource for the experienced practitioner.