NACDL News: George D. Perrot Has Charges Dismissed Based on Flawed Microscopic Hair Comparison Analy

Prosecutors in Massachusetts dismissed charges against George D. Perrot on Oct. 18, 2017. In January 2016, Perrot was granted a new trial based on newly discovered evidence that the FBI’s microscopic hair comparison testimony contained scientifically invalid statements. The errors in the hair comparison testimony in Mr. Perrot’s case were identified through the FBI’s Review, conducted in conjunction with the DOJ and in partnership with NACDL and the Innocence Project. When the new trial was granted, the court found that the hair examiner’s testimony was “enormously influential” and material to the convictions. While prosecutors had originally appealed this court’s ruling, they stated in court documents that “the interests and administration of justice are best served by the termination of prosecution of this matter.”