NACDL News: Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Honors Larry Pozner With Olom Award

On May 15, NACDL Past President Larry Pozner received the Jonathan Olom Award from the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar (CCDB). This award recognizes Pozner for “the remarkable personal sacrifice made without regards to personal gain in the defense of the accused.” Since 1985, this award has been given annually to an extraordinary criminal defense lawyer in recognition of contributions made to the Colorado criminal defense community over the course of his or her career. Pozner served as president of NACDL (1998-1999) and president of the CCDB (1985-86). He is a founding member of Reilly Pozner LLP, a nationally recognized litigation firm in Denver. Pozner complements his trial practice with publishing, television and radio legal commentary, and lecturing on trial practice. He is co-author (with Roger Dodd) of America’s bestselling book on cross-examination, Cross Examination: Science and Techniques.