2020 Board of Directors Resolutions

Resolutions adopted by NACDL's Board of Directors or Membership are posted online. Resolutions adopted prior to the year 2000 are posted as they are available. For more information on resolutions adopted prior to 2000, please contact NACDL.

Authorizing Public Defense Litigation and Reform Funding

The Board of Directors adopted a resolution authorizing the allocation of funds for systemic public defense litigation from Fiscal Year 2021 through Fiscal Year 2023.

Adopting Special Election Procedures

The following procedures were adopted to govern a special election at the 2020 annual board meeting.

Authorization to Seek Financial Assistance on behalf of NACDL

The Executive Committee authorized NACDL’s president and executive director to seek available government and other financial assistance in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Concerning Capital Defense Practice During the Pandemic

NACDL encourages counsel not to abdicate their responsibility to provide effective representation to their clients and to continue to make a full record of work that cannot be achieved during the pandemic. NACDL supports its members and others who adhere to fundamental capital practice standards during this pandemic and refuse to undertake substandard in-person work.

Creating a Law Enforcement Accountability Project Advisory Board

The Board of Directors adopted a resolution by the Executive Committee to create an advisory board for the Law Enforcement Accountability Project.

Recommendations on Data-Driven Policing

NACDL opposes the use of data-driven policing technologies, predictive crime models, and any other system that subjects individuals to increased police surveillance. These tools perpetuate the racial profiling & hyper-criminalization of communities of color & historically overpoliced groups. Understanding this technology is already in use in many communities, NACDL also supports the adoption of policies governing transparency & accountability that detail the conditions of use by law enforcement & accessibility to all relevant information for defense lawyers whose cases involve such tools.

Statement of Principles and Further Call to Action Concerning COVID-19

The Board of Directors adopted a statement of principles regarding the overcriminalization of public health order violations related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strike Force Protocol

The Lawyers' Assistance Strike Force provides counsel and representation to criminal defense lawyers who are members of NACDL threatened with contempt, disqualification, or privilege violations. The following protocols were adopted by the Board of Directors on February 15, 2020.

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