2005 Board of Directors Resolutions

Resolutions adopted by NACDL's Board of Directors or Membership are posted online. Resolutions adopted prior to the year 2000 are posted as they are available. For more information on resolutions adopted prior to 2000, please contact NACDL.

On Extending Member Services to Public Defenders in the State of Georgia for One Year

NACDL extend Member Services to all Public Defenders employed by the State of Georgia, and that such Public Defenders shall enjoy all rights and privileges enjoyed by NACDL’s Associate Members, and that GPDSC’s office managers in its 49 statewide offices each receive a copy of The Champion magazine every month;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that NACDL shall accept a fee of $30,000.00 from GPDSC for this purpose; ......

Calling for Just and Fair Sentencing Laws

 In light of the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States in United States v. Booker, 543 U.S. __ , 125 S. Ct. 738 (Jan. 12, 2005), the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers urges the Congress of the United States to take the following steps to assure that federal sentencing practices, in compliance with all constitutional requirements, are just and fair and effectuate the goals of sentencing set forth in the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984: ..........

Regarding Edward Caraballo

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Resolves to:

1. Call upon the Government of the United States to renew its commitment to preserve and protect the rights of all individuals to fair and transparent trials with the safeguards embodied in the language and spirit of the United States Constitution, its Bill of Rights and international covenants and treaties inspired by the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights. ............

Calling for Recognition of Judicial Independence

NACDL is deeply concerned that the statements by House Majority Leader DeLay and Senator Cornyn threaten the independence and integrity of the judiciary, which is essential to the liberty of every citizen, ............

Applauding New York State Bar Association

NACDL applauds the work of the New York State Bar Association and urges that the New York State Bar Association continue to support indigent defense reform efforts in New York.

Regarding Indigent Defense Litigation and Reform Funding for Fiscal Years 2006-2008

NACDL makes the commitment to provide up to $120,000 for systemic IDLR during the period of Fiscal Year 2006 through Fiscal Year 2008.

The NACDL will budget the sum of $40,000 as a line item for IDLR for each of Fiscal Year 2006, Fiscal Year 2007, and Fiscal Year 2008. ...............