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Board Resolution ~ 08/14/1994

Concering Life Memberships

Resolution of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Concering Life Memberships

August 13, 1994

WHEREAS a new dues structure has been adopted which increases life membership dues from $2.500 to $5,000, and

WHEREAS this new dues structure is projected to yield enough income to fund the ordinary needs of the association for many years to come, and

WHEREAS the Long Range Plan calls for an increase in life member dues and recommends that they be placed in a restricted fund, and

WHEREAS the Long Range Plan calls for the steady growth of the reserves of the association, so that both the financial security and financial flexibility of NACDL will be enhanced,


Dues received from life members enrolled under the dues structure adopted in August 1994 are to be deposited to the reserves of the association and are to be considered part of the fund balance.

As to each new life member, the association shall be entitled to annually draw from the fund balance an amount no greater than the annual dues payable by a regular member of the association.

Such amounts as may be drawn under this resolution are to be considered dues income in future budgets. 

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