National Security

NACDL recognizes that under the banner of the “war on terrorism,” America’s fundamental constitutional protections have been under unprecedented attack.  Since the tragedy of 9/11, the government has engaged in unparalleled assaults on a range of constitutional rights, including the right to due process and the right to privacy. NACDL seeks to resist this trend on both on a systemic and case-by-case basis to expose and combat the ongoing incursions into our civil rights in the name of national security.

News Of Interest

"Why the EFF - and then others - probably misunderstood the numbers on 'sneak and peek' warrants," by Orin Kerr, The Washington Post, October 31, 2014.

"ICE twice breached privacy policy with license-plate database," by Ellen Nakashima, The Washington Post, October 29, 2014.

"FBI demands new powers to hack into computers and carry out surveillance," by Ed Pilkington, The Guardian, October 29, 2014.

"Defense faults FBI in probe of Boise terrorism suspect," by John Sowell, Idaho Statesman, October 28, 2014.

"Report Reveals Wider Tracking of Mail in U.S.," by Ron Nixon, The New York Times, October 27, 2014.

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