NACDL Statement on Fighting Terrorism & Protecting Liberty

September 27, 2001

As you know, Attorney General Ashcroft believes that government needs an array of new laws to respond to the despicable attacks on our people. A number of bills have been introduced in Congress and surely more will be introduced in the near future. Some proposals fall within NACDL's areas of expertise. In those areas, NACDL can help Congress, the media and the public by analyzing legislative proposals promptly and fairly. As you'll see elsewhere on this web page, your NACDL is doing that through its staff and its members. We need and welcome members' assistance in that effort. Please take a few moments to review the information there and check back regularly for updated information.

At times when we are most afraid and when we are most angry, we are likely to make bad judgments. That's only human. America's history includes too many episodes of its elected leaders and its people making bad judgments at those times. Those judgments stained our national honor, terribly wronged thousands of people and should serve as reminders to us now. As Liberty's Last Champion, we are an important voice in the national debate. NACDL will serve as a resource in the debates ahead, for Congress, for the media and the public.

Through NACDL's web site and through email, your Association will do its best to keep you informed of legislative proposals and to seek your assistance in addressing them with your legislators and your communities. In addressing proposed legislation, NACDL will not depreciate the enormity of the wrong that has been done nor America's suffering. By acting with dispatch and balance, we will be an asset to the nation.

Irwin H. Schwartz
NACDL President, 2001-2002


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