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The Brady Issue

2013 Editorial & Design Award for Print/Online Coverage of a Single Topic

The May 2013 issue of NACDL’s The Champion Magazine – Perspectives on Brady at 50 – was named the winner of min’s 2013 Editorial & Design Award in the category of Print/Online Coverage of Single Topic. The winners were announced on Tuesday, November 18, 2013 at min’s Editorial & Design Awards Breakfast at the Grand Hyatt in New York City. Min (Media Industry News) is a leading media industry publication and has been covering the magazine industry for over 65 years. Winners in other categories at the 2013 Editorial & Design Awards included O, the Oprah Magazine; Time; Food & Wine; Cosmopolitan; Harper’s Bazaar; and Better Homes and Gardens.

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May 2013 - Violated: Brady Noncompliance- An American Injustice

Brady v. Maryland, the 1963 Supreme Court decision holding that the U.S. Constitution requires prosecutors to provide a person accused of crime with all favorable information that might affect the case. This issue of The Champion features several special articles looking at the history of discovery, the significance of the Brady decision and the ongoing struggle to make the promise of Brady a reality. Contributors include leading practitioners, scholars, and NACDL policy staff.



Issue Contents
Title   Author  
From the President: Brady at 50  Steven D. Benjamin
NACDL's New Way to Connect  Membership
A Half-Century Struggle for Fairness (Inside NACDL)  Norman L. Reimer
Codifying the Brady Rule  Peter Goldberger
Why Do Brady Violations Happen?: Cognitive Bias and Beyond  Ellen Yaroshefsky
The Class of '63: Major Supreme Court Cases of the 1963 Term  Peter W. Fenton and Michael B. Shapiro
Pursuing Discovery in Criminal Cases: Forcing Open the Prosecution's Files  Mike Klinkosum
Fifty Years Before Brady  Colin Starger
Combatting Brady Violations With An 'Ethical Rule' Order for the Disclosure of Favorable Evidence  Barry Scheck and Nancy Gertner
Faces of Brady: The Human Cost of Brady Violations  Tiffany M. Joslyn and Shana-Tara Regon
Affiliate News  Gerald Lippert
Reflections on the Jeffrey MacDonald Case  Harvey Silverglate
The Supreme Court's Unfortunate Narrowing of the Section 1983 Remedy for Brady Violations  Martin A. Schwartz
The Brady Battle  JaneAnne Murray
Law Student Essay Competition  Ajoke Oyegunle
Collateral Consequences Roundtable  Collateral Consequences Roundtable
Gideon's Champions  Bonnie Hoffman
NACDL News: Bipartisan Effort Establishes Overcriminalization Task Force  Ivan J. Dominguez
NACDL News: Indonesian Legislators Visit NACDL  Ivan J. Dominguez
NACDL News: Manning Granted Stay of Execution by Mississippi Supreme Court  Ivan J. Dominguez
NACDL News: NACDL Remembers Richard Bing  Natman Schaye
NACDL News: Constitution Still Applies in Alleged Domestic Terrorism Cases  Ivan J. Dominguez
NACDL News: NACDL Launches Domestic Drone Information Center  Isaac Kramer
TV Review: Gideon's Army  David Singleton
Book Review: Accidental Felon  Brenda Rossini
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