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"Criminal Defense Lawyers Poring Over Cases of ADA Suspecting of Improper Wiretaps," by Andrew Denney, New York Law Journal, December 5, 2016.

"Police Body Cams Spark Concerns About Privacy, Mass Surveillance," by Catherine Chapman, NBC News, December 4, 2016.

"Predictive policing violates more than it protects: Column," by William Isaac and Kristian Lum, USA TODAY, December 2, 2016.

"Obscure legal change expands government hacking powers," by Aliya Sternstein, The Christian Science Monitor, December 2, 2016.

"FBI Can Now Hack Computer Virus Victims, Suspects Located Anywhere With 1 Warrant," by Steven Nelson, U.S. News & World Report, December 1, 2016.

"Judges Have More Power In Granting Warrants To Hack Digital Devices," by David Welna, NPR, December 1, 2016.

"FBI, NSA, CIA Poised to Gain increased Surveillance Powers Under Trump," by Chris Strohm, Bloomberg News, November 30, 2016.

"Brooklyn Prosecutor Accused of Using Illegal Wiretap to Spy on Love Interest," by Alan Feuer and Eli Rosenberg, The New York Times, November 28, 2016.

"Justice Scalia’s impact on Fourth Amendment law," by Orin Kerr, 'The Volokh Conspiracy' Blog, November 23, 2016.

"The FBI Hacked Over 8,000 Computers In 120 Countries Based on One Warrant," by Joseph Cox, Motherboard, November 22, 2016.

"Another State Court Says Speedy Fourth Amendment Violations Are Still Just Fourth Amendment Violations," by Tim Cushing, Techdirt, November 22, 2016.

"Police are spending millions of dollars to monitor the social media of protesters and suspects," by Elizabeth Dwoskin, The Washington Post, November 18, 2016.

"Nation's Criminal Defense Bar Welcomes Legislation to Delay Proposed Rule Changes Designed to Enable Sweeping Government Hacking Power," NACDL News Release, November 17, 2016.

"Police are using software to predict crime. Is it a ‘holy grail’ or biased against minorities?," by Justin Jouvenal, The Washington Post, November 17, 2016.

"Opinion: Privacy Will Be More Necessary Than Ever Under President Trump," by Michael Price, TIME, November 15, 2016.

"Exclusive: Inside America’s Newest Digital Crime Lab," by Jeff John Roberts and Robert Hackett, Fortune, November 15, 2016.

"Trump’s praise of ‘stop-and-frisk’ has Boston teens worried," by Jen Ransom, The Boston Globe, November 15, 2016.

"Judge has ‘ethical and legal’ concerns over FBI running a massive ‘dark web’ child-porn site," by Mike Carter, Seattle Times, November 2, 2016.

"Demanding Greater Transparency Over Police Surveillance," by The Kojo Nnamdi Show, WAMU, November 1, 2016.

"Blog: Amazon Patents Police Traffic Stop Drone," by Matthew Feeney, Cato Institute, October 31, 2016.

"Opinion - The Huma Abedin Emails: Herein Lies the Danger of Overseizure," by Maranda Fritz, New York Law Journal, October 31, 2016.

"Police Facial Recognition Databases Log About Half Of Americans," NPR, October 23, 2016.

"Can warrants for digital evidence also require fingerprints to unlock phones?," by Orin Kerr, 'The Volokh Conspiracy' Blog, October 19, 2016.

"Pop Quiz on Fourth Amendment and the criminalization of the normal," Grits For Breakfast Blog, October 18, 2016.

"Racial profiling, by a computer? Police facial-ID tech raises civil rights concerns.," by Craig Timberg, The Washington Post, October 18, 2016.

"Fifth Circuit rules on whether scanning the magnetic stripe on a card is a search," by Orin Kerr, The Volokh Conspiracy, October 16, 2016.

"Case Accusing Bush Officials of 9/11 Abuses Heads to Supreme Court," by Adam Liptak, The New York Times, October 11, 2016.

"Ron Wyden Discusses Encryption, Data Privacy and Security," by Cecilia Kang, The New York Times, October 9, 2016.

"What is the intent requirement of the Fourth Amendment?," by Orin Kerr, 'The Volokh Conspiracy' Blog, October 6, 2016.

"Exclusive: Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence - sources," by Joseph Menn, Reuters, October 4, 2016.

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