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"Houston area to decriminalize some low-level marijuana possession," by Jon Herskovitz, Reuters, February 16, 2017.

"B.Y.O.D.," by Tess Owen, VICE News, February 15, 2017.

"Weed Weddings Are Now a Thing," by Elizabeth Limbach, The Atlantic, February 13, 2017.

"Trump's Supreme Court Pick On Marijuana," by Tom Angell, MassRoots, February 1, 2017.

"Op-Alt: Why ending the war on drugs makes sense for all sides and how we can start," by Todd Oppenheim, Baltimore City Paper, January 31, 2017.

"Want Drug-Sentencing Reform? Look To Mike Pence, Congressman Says," by Christpher Bedford, The Daily Caller, January 29, 2017.

"Opinion: Duterte Wants the Death Penalty Back," by Tomasito Villarin, The New York Times, January 29, 2017.

"With Eyes on Trump, Legal Marijuana Warily Rolls Along," by Melissa Hoffmann, New York Law Journal, January 27, 2017.

"Drug Distributors Penalized For Turning Blind Eye In Opioid Epidemic," by Charles Ornstein, NPR, January 27, 2017.

"The Plan to Test Cities’ Sewage for Drugs Is a New Form of Mass Surveillance," by Troy Farah, Motherboard, January 24, 2017.

"Cops can’t be forced to return marijuana in failed drug cases, Colorado Supreme Court says," by Alicia Wallace and Kirk Mitchell, The Denver Post, January 23, 2017.

"Jeff Sessions on marijuana and civil asset forfeiture," by Radley Balko, The Watch Blog, January 19, 2017.

"How Iceland Got Teens to Say No to Drugs," by Emma Young, The Atlantic, January 19, 2017.

"When Are You Too Stoned to Drive?," by Beth Schwartzapfel, The Marshall Project, January 16, 2017.

"Marijuana's Health Effects? Top Scientists Weigh In," by Patti Neighmond, NPR, January 12, 2017.

"Opinion: I made my son cannabis cookies. They changed his life.," by Marie Myung-Ok Lee, The Washington Post, January 6, 2016.

"Inside a Killer Drug Epidemic: A Look at America’s Opioid Crisis," The New York Times, January 6, 2017.

"The Big Statement Obama Could Make On Legalizing Pot," by James Higdon, POLITICO Magazine, January 5, 2017.

"Free marijuana to be handed out Inauguration Day," by Nikki Burdine, WUSA-TV, January 4, 2017.

"Vermont Governor Pardons 192 for Marijuana Convictions," by Niraj Chokshi, The New York Times, January 4, 2017.

"Marijuana Sales Totaled $6.7 Billion In 2016," by Debra Borchardt, Forbes, January 3, 2017.

"Massachusetts Delays Opening of Marijuana Shops," Associated Press, December 31, 2016.

"No longer ‘Mayberry’: A small Ohio city fights an epidemic of self-destruction," by Joel Achenbach, The Washington Post, December 29, 2016.

"Opioids Contribute to a Rising Death Toll: 28,647 in 2014," by Nicholas Bakalar, The New York Times, December 24, 2016.

"Street Hustle: The Truth Behind the ‘New’ Police Tool for Confronting Fentanyl Menace," by Ryan Gabrielson, ProPublica, December 22, 2016.

"The Growing Movement for Marijuana Amnesty," by Megan Carpenter, New Republic, December 21, 2016.

"Felony pot convictions could become misdemeanors under California's marijuana legalization law," by Dana Littlefield, The San Diego Union-Tribune, December 18, 2016.

"Israel, a Medical Marijuana Pioneer, Is Eager to Capitalize," by Isabel Kershner, The New York Times, December 17, 2016.

"The Marijuana Industry Needs to Stand Up to Jeff Sessions," by Alex Halperin, Slate, December 16, 2016.

"Oregon study finds racial disparities in drug convictions," Associated Press, December 16, 2016.

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