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NACDL’s Powerful Voice: Unified Advocacy (Grassroots Advocacy)
The importance of individual grassroots advocacy cannot be overstated, and NACDL makes engaging in advocacy as quick and as easy as possible. On average, engaging in a preplanned advocacy effort takes less than one minute.
By Christopher Glen in January/February 2012
Category: The Champion Magazine
Grassroots Advocacy: The Legislative Session Is Over - Now What?

Now that states have adjourned their legislative sessions, how can advocates engage in further education and outreach?

By Monica Reid in June 2016
Category: The Champion Magazine
Grassroots Advocacy: Effectively Engaging Your Elected Officials

Individuals and advocacy organizations can take an active role in a state’s legislative process in a number of ways. They can attend legislative events, testify at committee hearings, and meet with elected officials.

By Monica Reid in December 2015
Category: The Champion Magazine
New Faces, New Talent (Inside NACDL)

Inside NACDL Norman L. Reimer October 2011 7 New Faces, New Talent Dynamic organizations thrive on the continual infusion of new leaders and staff who bring fresh insights and energy to advance the institutional mission. This is certainly the case at NACDL. Each year, with each incoming class of

By Norman L. Reimer in October 2011
Category: The Champion Magazine
NACDL News: NACDL Sponsors Hill Briefing on Federal Indigent Defense Crisis
Panelists at the Capitol Hill briefing stressed how severe budget cuts are damaging the indigent defense system.
By Ivan J. Dominguez and Isaac Kramer in September/October 2013
Category: The Champion Magazine
Effectively Meeting With Elected Officials (Grassroot Advocacy)
There are many ways to contact a legislator and build a fruitful relationship, including writing letters, making phone calls, and attending town hall meetings. But the most effective medium for educating elected officials on important issues is to set up an office meeting with the legislator and the legislator’s staff. Christopher Glen discusses how to request and prepare for a meeting, and offers tips on how to make the meeting a success.
By Christopher Glen in May 2012
Category: The Champion Magazine
A Message From NACDL’s Treasurer: Spread the Word!

A Message From NACDL’s Treasurer: Spread the Word! Theodore Simon June 2011 20 In a profession that’s all about words and principles, numbers have little appeal. But for NACDL, numbers are an important piece of the story that will support and further our individual and collective missions. The story

By Theodore Simon in June 2011
Category: The Champion Magazine
Staff Highlights (Inside NACDL)
Staff Highlights
By Norman Reimer in June 2007
Category: The Champion Magazine
From the President: One Year in the Fight for Justice

Steven Benjamin summarizes the work accomplished by NACDL from August 2012 through July 2013.

By Steven D. Benjamin in July 2013
Category: The Champion Magazine

Verbatim Elise Groulx Diggs

By Elise Groulx Diggs in November 2004
Category: The Champion Magazine
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