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Book Reviews Jon May; Andrew D. Correia October 2011 61 White Collar Crime: Health Care Fraud (2010-2011 ed.) By Benson Weintraub and Robert David Malove Thomson West (2010) Reviewed by Jon May Health care fraud costs American taxpayers an estimated $60 billion a year. While this is a signific

By Jon May, Andrew D. Correia in October 2011
Category: The Champion Magazine
Book Review: An Officer and a Spy
Robert Harris has written a riveting historical novel about the infamous Dreyfus Affair that saw Captain Alfred Dreyfus falsely accused in 1894 of treason for sending French military secrets to the German Embassy. The discovery that someone was passing state secrets to Germany hit the French military brass hard. They had just lost a humiliating war in 1870-71 to Prussia. The war was essentially over within the first month with the Prussian capture of Napoleon III and his army well within French borders.
By Chuck Sevilla in May 2014
Category: The Champion Magazine
Book Review: Accidental Felon
Author Gloria Wolk has a commendable motivation in writing a federal criminal justice thriller, but her book is unimaginative and contains a jumble of clichéd situations.
By Brenda Rossini in May 2013
Category: The Champion Magazine
Book Review: Dead Weight
Book Review: Dead Weight
By Victoria L. Nadel in May 2012
Category: The Champion Magazine
Book Review: Beyond Freedom's Reach - A Kidnapping in the Twilight of Slavery
Lincoln freed the slaves, right? Not exactly. The Emancipation Proclamation, effective Jan. 1, 1863, only applied to those states that took up arms against the Union. It did not apply to slaveholding states that remained loyal to the Union. And, it was an Executive Order, not an Act of Congress. Lincoln issued it while the war still raged, so he dedicated Federal troops to the enforcement of the Proclamation. The Emancipation Proclamation did apply to Louisiana. This is where the story begins.
By Maureen L. Rowland in July 2016
Category: The Champion Magazine
Book Review: Making Manna

Making Manna is fiction, but it tells a real story. Criminal defense attorneys will recognize large parts of it from experience. And no surprise: author Eric Lotke knows the territory. Twenty years ago as principal writer, he integrated research, data and the varied opinions of a panel of criminal justice experts to produce The Real War on Crime: The Report of the National Criminal Justice Commission, a comprehensive analysis of American crime policy and incarceration.

By Malcolm C. Young in March 2015
Category: The Champion Magazine
Inside NACDL: The Forgotten Souls

Although the president reduced the sentences of 1,715 nonviolent prisoners serving extremely long sentences, he did not commute the sentences of clemency applicants who were not U.S. citizens.

By Norman L. Reimer in March 2017
Category: The Champion Magazine
Movie Review: Moonlight
In the film Moonlight, we follow the life of Chiron, a little boy who is black, gay, and poor. “Who is you, Chiron?” is a question put to this child and to us, a question that transcends race, sexuality, and class. Chiron lives in the projects in Liberty City (Miami) with his crack-addict mom. He has to guard against bullies. He knows his sexual identity but is unsure of how to treat it. He aches for love from someone, anyone. As a mother and a lawyer, I wanted to hold this child in my arms. Moonlight is just that — an embrace set to piano and strings.
By Sejal H. Patel in January-February 2017
Category: The Champion Magazine
Book Review: Project Fatherhood - A Story of Courage and Healing in One of America’s Toughest Communities
Living in a small, conservative, mid-western town most of my adult life, the story of Project Fatherhood grabbed my attention. It is a story about a group of fathers in Watts, a small community in the eastern corner of South Los Angeles, who want to improve not only their lives, but lives of the community.
By Bob Lindemeier in July 2016
Category: The Champion Magazine
Book Review: The Wrong Carlos - Anatomy of a Wrongful Execution
This is a sad, absorbing, and profoundly important tale of a wrongful conviction and execution. Everyone with an interest in criminal justice and every public official with responsibility in this realm should place it high on their reading list.
By Tony Bornstein in June 2016
Category: The Champion Magazine
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