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"Update: Officer Betty Shelby free on bond after turning herself in on Terence Crutcher manslaughter charge," by Samantha Vicent and Corey Jones, Tulsa World, September 23, 2016.

"The Criminal Justice Reform That Could Actually Reach Obama’s Desk," by Eli Hager, The Marshall Project, September 22, 2016.

"Police Videos, Kept Private, Fuel Tensions in Charlotte," by Timothy Williams, The New York Times, September 22, 2016.

"Parking While Black," by Bennett L. Gershman, Slate, September 22, 2016.

"Oregon Detective Pioneers New Sexual Assault Reporting Program," by Avery Lill, NPR, September 22, 2016.

"Police are on pace to fatally shoot about as many people in 2016 as they did in 2015," by Mark Berman, The Washington Post, September 22, 2016.

"Demand for Inquiry Into Police Abuse of Women May Embroil Mexico’s President," by Azam Ahmed, The New York Times, September 22, 2016.

"Charlotte police won’t make shooting video public; chief says footage is not ‘definitive’," by Cleve R. Wootson Jr., Lindsey Bever, William Wan, and Sarah Larimer, September 22, 2016.

"President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) Issues Major Forensic Science Report; Calls for Stronger Scientific Standards," NACDL News Release, September 20, 2016.

"White House Advisory Council Report Is Critical of Forensics Used in Criminal Trials," by Gary Fields, The Wall Street Journal, September 20, 2016.

"Overworked and Underfunded, Public Defenders See Some Light," by Alan Greenblatt, Governing, September 20, 2016.

"Charlotte faces aftermath of protests ignited by fatal police shooting; 16 officers injured," by Joe Marusak, Ely Portillo, Mark Price, and Adam Bell, The Charlotte Observer, September 20, 2016.

"Ahmad Khan Rahami Was Inspired by Bin Laden, Charges Say," by Marc Santora and Adam Goldman, The New York Times, September 20, 2016.

"'I Will Kill All the Drug Lords'," by Sheila Coronel, The Atlantic, September 20, 2016.

"White House science advisers urge Justice Dept., judges to raise forensic standards," by Spencer S. Hsu, The Washington Post, September 20, 2016.

"Solving Chicago's Murders Could Prevent More," by Alex Kotlowitz, The New Yorker, September 20, 2016.

"After Police Killing Of Unarmed Man, Tulsa Chief Promises To 'Achieve Justice'," by Bill Chappell, NPR, September 20, 2016.

"ACLU: Audio recording captures Connecticut state police conspiring to fabricate criminal charges," by Radley Balko, The Watch, September 20, 2016.

"Cellphone Alerts Used in New York to Search for Bombing Suspect," by J. David Goodman and David Gelles, The New York Times, September 19, 2016.

"Suspect in New York, N.J. bombings in custody after shootout; ‘no indication’ of terror cell," by Renae Merie, Matt Zapotosky, Amy B. Wang, Mark Berman, and Ellen Nakashima, September 19, 2016.

"Study: Violent Crime And Murders Slightly On The Rise This Year In Largest Cities," by Carrie Johnson, NPR, September 19, 2016.

"Racial Bias Among Jurors at Heart of Supreme Court Case," by Adamp Liptak, The New York Times, September 19, 2016.

"F.B.I. Treats Minnesota Mall Stabbing Attack as ‘Potential Act of Terrorism’," by Mitch Smith, The New York Times, September 18, 2016.

"When Juries Say Life and Judges Say Death," by The Editorial Board, The New York Times, September 16, 2016.

"A Formula to Make Bail More Fair," by The Editorial Board, The New York Times, September 16, 2016.

"6 Ex-Rikers Guards Sentenced to Prison in Attack on Inmate," by Winnie Hu, The New York Times, September 16, 2016.

"What I Learned From Executing Two Men," by Semon Frank Thompson, The New York Times, September 15, 2016.

"Privately Run Mississippi Prison, Called a Scene of Horror, Is Shut Down," by Timothy Williams, The New York Times, September 15, 2016.

"Oakland Police Say They Accidentally Deleted 25 Percent Of Their Body-Cam Archive," by Jack Morse, SFist, September 15, 2016.

"In Virginia, legal victory for McAuliffe over voting rights for felons," by Laura Vozzella, The Washington Post, September 15, 2016.

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