NACDL Password Update – Important

Because of increasing threats to online security, NACDL is taking the proactive step of encrypting member passwords in our ongoing efforts to ensure security and privacy for NACDL member services. This is part of our commitment to our members.

From now on, if you want to login to the NACDL website and don’t know your password, just click the “Reset Password” link and enter your primary NACDL email address.  You will immediately receive a link by email to reset your password and enter a new one.  Your password is inaccessible to staff, and can no longer be sent to you by email, although we’re happy to reset it for you if you need assistance.  This change in our security protocol better protects your profile information.

If have any questions or need any assistance, just email  or call the membership hotline at 202-872-4001.  The NACDL Membership staff will be happy to help.

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