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DNA & Post-Conviction Tests News

"Ohio justices: DNA proof must be kept," by Catherine Candisky, The Columbus Dispatch, December 7, 2012.

"1000 Wrongfully Convicted and Counting: New Registry Checks Justice System's Power," by Tracy Oppenheimer, Reason, November 29, 2012.

"Case Asks When New Evidence Means a New Trial," by Adam Liptak, The New York Times, November 12, 2012.

"Supreme Court to Review DNA Law," by Brent Kendall, The Wall Street Journal, November 9, 2012.

"Supreme Court to Decide if Actual Innocence Claim Excuses Late Habeas Filing," by Debra Cassens Weiss, ABA Journal, October 29, 2012.

"For Many Florida Ex-Cons, Voting Booth Is Off-Limits," by Andrea Rumbaugh, Michael Ciaglo, and Marisa Penaloza, NPR, October 22, 2012.

"What Happens After Jurors Get It Wrong?," by Carrie Johnson, NPR, October 22, 2012.

"State Pays $2 Million to Settle Man's Wrongful Conviction," by James Barron, The New York Times, October 1, 2012.

"Analyzing the Evidence on DNA," NPR, September 28, 2012.

"Louisiana death-row inmate Damon Thibodeaux exonerated with DNA evidence," by Douglas A. Blackmon, The Washington Post, September 28, 2012.

"Louisiana death row inmate 300th prisoner freed by DNA evidence," by Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Los Angeles Times, September 28, 2012.

"Grant Will Aid Effort to Find Old DNA Evidence," by Joseph Goldstein, The New York Times, September 24, 2012.

"Two of Beatrice 6 given $800K," by Chris Dunker, Journal Star, September 20, 2012.

 "9th Circuit May Toss State's DNA Collection Law,"Law.com, By Scott Graham, September 19, 2012.

"DNA tests prompt review of four possible wrongful convictions," Richmond Times-Dispatch, July 6, 2012.

"Study: 2,000 convicted then exonerated in 23 years," CBS News, May 21, 2012.

"Maryland high court blocks request to reconsider DNA ruling," The Baltimore Sun, May 18, 2012.

"Md. high court bans DNA swabs of charged suspects; police, prosecutors seek appeal," The Washington Post, April 29, 2012.

"Untouched, Thousands Of Rape Kits Await Justice," NPR, April 21, 2012.

"Failures at the FBI crime lab," Washington Post, April 20, 2012. 

"An Incomplete DNA Deal," The New York Times, March 27, 2012.

"Federal funds help crime labs struggling with DNA evidence backlogs," The Washington Post, March 18, 2012.

"Canada passes controversial crime bill," UPI, March 13, 2012.

"New York State Set to Add All Convict DNA to Its Database," The New York Times, March 13, 2012.

"The Exoneration of Bennett Barbour," Slate, March 12, 2012.

"Investigators using 'touch DNA' to solve property crimes," Houston Chronicle, March 12, 2012. 

"Crime labs struggle with DNA test demands," Stateline, March 8, 2012.

"Wash. Lawmakers Fight For DNA Sampling At Arrest," NPR, February 28, 2012. 

"Albany Bill to Expand DNA Database Fuels a Political Fight," The New York Times, February 1, 2012.

"Study of DNA data shows potential for wrongful convictions," Richmond Times-Dispatch, January 08, 2012.

"With execution clock ticking, supporters of Texas inmate press for DNA testing," CNN, November 7, 2011.

"Don't ignore DNA that might tell the truth," Chicago Sun-Times, June 20, 2011.

"Va. can now perform familial DNA searches," Richmond Times-Dispatch, March 22, 2011.

"SBI lab errors might affect 74 more criminal cases," News Observer, March 22, 2011.

"After 5 years, Va. DNA project has cleared 5 people," Richmond Times-Dispatch, March 6, 2011.

"Wrongful Convictions and DNA Evidence," The Diane Rehm Show, January 6, 2011.

"Odds still against clearing convicts," Houston Chronicle, August 2, 2010.

"From DNA of Family, a Tool to Make Arrests," Washington Post, April 21, 2008.

"Dallas County Uses DNA to Review Death Row Cases," NPR, Feb. 20, 2007.

"U.S. Set to Begin a Vast Expansion of DNA Sampling," The New York Times, Feb. 5, 2007.

"Wrongfully Convicted Man Calls For Change," Burlington Free Press, Jan. 25, 2007.


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