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Sentencing Reform Reports & Papers

Playbook for Change? States Reconsider Mandatory Sentences, Vera Institute of Justice, 2014

Drug-Free Zone Laws: An Overview of State Policies, The Sentencing Project.

Race and Punishment: Racial Perceptions of Crime and Support for Punitive Policies, The Sentencing Project, 2014.

"Size of minority population impacts states' prison rates, Baker Institute researcher finds," Rice University, October 2014.

Federal Prosecution for the 21st Century, Brennan Center for Justice, September 23, 2014.

Citizenship and Punishment: The Salience of National Membership in U.S. Criminal Courts, Michael Light, Michael Massoglia and Ryan D. King, American Sociological Review, September 2014.

Fewer Prisoners, Less Crime: A Tale of Three States, The Sentencing Project, July 2014.

Entombed: Isolation in the US Federal Prison System, Amnesty International, July 2014.

Is Public Safety Realignment Reducing Recidivism in California?, Public Policy Institute of California, June 2014.

Slow to Act: State Responses to 2012 Supreme Court Mandate on Life Without Parole, The Sentencing Project, June 2014.

Ten Economic Facts about Crime and Incarceration in the United States, The Hamilton Project, May 2014.

The Growth of Incarceration in the United States: Exploring Causes and Consequences, The National Academy of Sciences' National Research Council, 2014.

Nation Behind Bars: A Human Rights Solution, Human Rights Watch, 2014.

A New Approach to Reducing Incarceration While Maintaining Low Rates of Crime, The Hamilton Project, May 2014.

Reconsidering Mandatory Minimum Sentences: The Arguments for and Against Potential Reforms, The Heritage Foundation, February 2014.

Justice Reinvestment Initiative State Assessment Report, Urban Institute, January 2014.

The State of Sentencing 2013: Developments in Policy and Practice, The Sentencing Project, 2014.

A Living Death: Life without Parole for Nonviolent Offenses, ACLU, 2013.

An Offer You Can't Refuse, Human Rights Watch, December 5, 2013.

Reforming Funding to Reduce Mass Incarceration, Brennan Center for Justice, 2013.

On the Chopping Block 2013: State Prison Closures, The Sentencing Project, 2013.

Life Goes On: The Historic Rise in Life Sentences in America, The Sentencing Project, 2013.

Stemming the Tide: Strategies to Reduce the Growth and Cute the Cost of the Federal Prison System, Urban Institute, November 2013.

State Spending for Corrections: Long-Term Trends and Recent Criminal Justice Policy Reforms, The National Association of State Budget Officers, September 2013.

Trends in Sentencing and Corrections: State Legislation, by Alison Lawrence, National Conference of State Legislatures, July 2013.

Ending Mass Incarceration: Charting a New Justice Reinvestment, The Sentencing Project and the ACLU,  April 2013.

Change Is Possible: A Case Study of Solitary Confinement Reform In Maine, ACLU Maine, March 2013.

Graham, Kyle, Overcharging, (March 1, 2013). Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, Vol. 12, No. 1, 2014; Santa Clara Univ. Legal Studies Research Paper No. 7-13.

The Federal Prison Population Buildup: Overview, Policy Changes, Issues, and Options, Congressional Research Service, January 22, 2013.

The State of Sentencing 2012: Developments in Policy and Practice, The Sentencing Project, January 2013.

Realigning Justice Resources: A Review of Population and Spending Shifts in Prison and Community Corrections, Vera Institute of Justice, September 2012.

Trends in US Corrections, The Sentencing Project. 

Public Opinion on Sentencing and Corrections Policy in America, Pew Center on the States, March 2012.

To Build a Better Criminal Justice System: 25 Experts Envision the Next 25 Years of Reform, The Sentencing Project, March 2012.

Improving Budget Analysis of State Criminal Justice Reforms: A Strategy for Better Outcomes and Saving Money, American Civil Liberties Union, January 11, 2012.

Smart Reform is Possible, America Civil Liberties Union, August 2011.

Money Well Spent: How positive social investments will reduce incarceration rates, improve public safety, and promote the well-being of communities, Justice Policy Institute, September 2010.

Prison Count 2010, Pew Center on the States, April 2010.

The State of Sentencing 2008The Sentencing Project, February 2009.

Justice Kennedy Commission Report & Approved Recommendations, American Bar Association, August 2004.

The Diminishing Returns of Increased Incarceration, JFA Institute, July 2004.

Positive Trends in State-Level Sentencing & Corrections Policy, FAMM, November 2003.

Costs & Benefits? The Impact of Drug Imprisonment in New Jersey, Justice Policy Institute, October 2003.

Race & Incarceration in Maryland, Justice Policy Institute, October 2003.

Dollars & Sentences: Legislators' Views on Prisons, Punishment & the Budget Crisis, Vera Institute, July 2003.

Is the Budget Crisis Changing the Way We Look at Sentencing & Incarceration?Vera Institute, June 2002.


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