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Eyewitness ID Reform Overview

Eyewitness IDNACDL supports changes in eyewitness procedures that are proven to improve the reliability of eyewitness testimony without impeding police investigations.  Among the most important reforms is the adoption “double blind” sequential lineup procedures, which means that suspects are shown one by one to the witness, which reduces the possibility of the witness picking the person who looks most like the culprit. This also means that the procedure is conducted by a police officer who does not know the identity of the suspect, which thus prevents the officer from unconsciously or consciously providing cues to the witness.

NACDL’s eyewitness identification reform page contains featured articles, news of interest, new reports, and external resources.


NACDL v. Evanston (Flawed IL Pilot Study and Mecklenburg Report) 

New Jersey v. Henderson (Eyewitness ID Admissibility and Jury Instruction) 

Innocence Project Resources 

Reports & Papers 

Pending Legislation 

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