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White Collar Amicus Briefs

NACDL frequently submits amicus, or friend-of-the court, briefs in U.S. Supreme Court and state and federal appellate cases in which issues relevant to the white collar area are being decided. These amicus briefs are listed below by year of submission and in alphabetical order. A short summary of the issues on appeal, NACDL’s position, and the authors are provided for each brief, along with a link to a PDF file of the actual brief. Ross Garber 

Amicus Briefs ~ 2019 

Amicus Briefs ~ 2018 

Amicus Briefs ~ 2017  

Amicus Briefs ~ 2016  

Amicus Briefs ~ 2015  

Amicus Briefs ~ 2014  

Amicus Briefs ~ 2013  

Amicus Briefs ~ 2012 

Amicus Briefs ~ 2011

Amicus Briefs ~ 2010 

Amicus Briefs ~ 2009 

Amicus Briefs ~ 2008 

Amicus Briefs ~ 2007 

Amicus Briefs ~ 2006 

Amicus Briefs ~ 2005 

Amicus Briefs ~ 2003 

NACDL amicus briefs are authored by NACDL members, such as White Collar Committee Vice Chair Ross Garber (pictured above), with the assistance of NACDL Amicus Committee members and NACDL staff.  Vice Chair Garber co-authored NACDL's brief in White & Case LLP v. United States, submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court in April 2011.  For the full set of NACDL amicus briefs, please click here.

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