NACDLConnect is a rich and versatile member-to-member communications platform, providing an intuitive interface and myriad options for sharing information. NACDLConnect includes General,  White Collar, and Young & New Lawyer discussion groups, and serves as the vehicle for the Daily Criminal Justice Briefing


You will need to log into the NACDL website as a member in order to use NACDLConnect.  Accordingly, we have upgraded the member login process to make it: 

  • Unified – If you're logged into NACDLConnect, the website or the membership directory, you’re logged into all three
  • Secure – Your password is fully encrypted, and you can change it any time by clicking the "Reset Password" link in any login screen.  Enter your email address and submit.  You'll immediately receive an email message containing a link that allows you to change your password.
  • Persistent – Once you log in, you should stay logged in for up to 60 days, provided your browser is configured to allow cookies, and unless you log out manually.

Most NACDL members choose to interact with the enriched functionality and graphics through the community website. For each discussion group a member joins, they can choose from four delivery options: 

  • Real Time – Receive a formatted email message in your mailbox each time a member of that community posts a message. Click links in the message to respond to the group, respond to the author only, see the author's other posts, post a new message, and more.  Each message now contains a link to "Reply by Email", which opens a response message in your email program.
  • Daily Digest – For each subscription, receive one message per day containing a list of discussions posted during the previous 24 hours. Messages will contain similar links to Real Time postings.
  • Plain Text – For listserve participants who prefer to send and receive plain-text emails, rather than interacting through the NACDLConnect website. 
  • No Emails – Switch to this mode when you're on vacation or if for some other reason you want to stop receiving messages.  You will remain subscribed to the group, and can access it any time from the website.

Members can also choose which email address to use for each discussion group. NACDL members who participate in committees will only be able to post and receive committee postings via their primary NACDL email address. 

Each message a member receives from NACDLConnect includes a photograph of the sender (if the sender has uploaded one), and a menu of options: to print or forward the message, to reply to the entire discussion list, to reply to the sender alone, to post a new message, to see all messages in that thread, or from that author. Most members will find it easiest to interact with NACDLConnect through the website, and clicking most of these menu options in a message takes you to the website. 

With NACDLConnect, members can read what they want to learn, and respond where they have expertise to share. 

NACDLConnect provides opportunities to interact with other members, share knowledge and strategize together for the benefit of clients and the criminal defense profession.