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May 2013 , Page 93 

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NACDL News: NACDL Launches Domestic Drone Information Center

By Isaac Kramer

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On April 30, NACDL launched a new web resource called the Domestic Drone Information Center. NACDL’s Domestic Drone Information Center aims to be a one-stop source of cutting-edge information on the use of drones inside the United States. It collects news from leading publications across the nation; features a comprehensive listing of legislative developments; and contains sections devoted to relevant case law, scholarship, upcoming events, and data on drone usage. The Domestic Drone Information Center also aggregates existing material from other websites, making it a launching pad to additional information about domestic drones on the Web.

As domestic drones become an issue of increasing concern — the FAA predicts that 30,000 drones will be deployed within 20 years — NACDL members and the public will find this material useful. Visit the Domestic Drone Information Center at This project is supported by the Foundation for Criminal Justice and the Open Society Foundations.


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