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NACDL's renowned journal, The Champion magazine, offers timely, informative articles written for and by criminal defense lawyers, featuring the latest developments in search and seizure laws, DUI/DWI, grand jury proceedings, habeas, the exclusionary rule, death penalty, RICO, federal sentencing guidelines, forfeiture, white collar crime, and more. The Champion is published ten times per year.

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December 2018

What are some of the current investigative techniques – including Enhanced 911 tracking and the collection of data from “smart” devices – that may be ripe for constitutional challenges after the Carpenter decision?



Issue Contents
Title  Author  
From the President: When Your Art Can and Will Be Used Against You: Hip-Hop, Expression, and the Criminal Justice SystemDrew Findling
Inside NACDL: A New Era at NACDL: Bylaw Changes to Support the Criminal Defense Profession and Promote Long Overdue ReformsNorman L. Reimer
Affiliate NewsGerald Lippert
Building on Carpenter: Six New Fourth Amendment Challenges Every Defense Lawyer Should ConsiderMichael Price and Bill Wolf
Are Younger’s Ten Commandments of Cross Still Good Law in Today’s Courtroom?William Owen “Bill” James, Jr.
Practicing Before the International Criminal CourtPeter Robinson
State Criminal Justice Network - Legislative UpdateMonica L. Reid
Informal Opinion: Indigent Persons Facing Deportation Should Have the Right to Appointed CounselTova Indritz

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