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Member Assistance

To log into the NACDL website, please use your primary NACDL email address and password.  If you don't know your password or your password is not working, just click "Reset Password" in any login screen and enter the primary email address on your NACDL membership account.  You'll immediately receive an email message containing a link that allows you to change your password.  Please do not use special characters or spaces; alpha-numeric characters only.

If you are still unable to gain access to the website, please call Michael Connor, membership director, on his cell phone at 202-550-2692.

NACDL's Lawyers Assistance Strike Force

If you need immediate assistance from the NACDL Lawyers Assistance Strike Force, please log into the website at the Strike Force page.  In the last paragraph click the word “HERE” to see a listing of strike force committee members, by Federal circuit.  If you are unable to reach an attorney in your region, please call Michael Connor, membership director, at 202-550-2692. 

Other NACDL Inquiries

To leave a message for other NACDL staff, please see the Contact Us page.


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