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Legislative Resources

Lobbying & Legislative Research

Congressional Record

Federalist Papers (LOC)

General Accounting Office

General Printing Office

House and Senate Rules

House of Representatives

Legislative Reports and Other Publications (GPO)

Roll Call Online



Voting Records

State & Local Resources

Alaska legislature on line

Arizona State legislature

Arkansas General Assembly

California Legislative Information

Colorado General Assembly

Connecticut General Assembly

Delaware General Assembly

Florida Legislature

General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Georgia General Assembly

Hawaii Legislature

Idaho Legislature

Illinois General Assembly

Indiana General Assembly

Iowa General Assembly

Kentucky Legislature Home page

Louisiana State Legislature

Maine Legislature

Maryland General Assembly

Michigan Legislature

Minnesota State Legislature

Minnesota State Legislature

Mississippi Legislature

Missouri General Assembly

Montana Legislature

Nebraska Legislature

Nevada Legislature on line

New Hampshire General Court

New Jersey Legislature

New Mexico Legislature

New York State Assembly

New York State Legislature

North Carolina General Assembly

North Dakota Legislative Branch

Ohio General Assembly

Oklahoma Legislature

Oregon State legislature

Pennsylvania General Assembly

Rhode Island General Assembly

South Carolina Legislature On Line

South Dakota Legislature

Tennessee General Assembly

Texas Legislature on line

Utah State Legislature

Virginia General Assembly

Washington State Legislature

West Virginia Legislature

Wisconsin legislature

Wyoming State Legislature

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