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Forensics Resources

-- General

FBI Handbook of Forensic Services

Forensic Science Alliance

Forensic Science Resources

Kruglick's Crime Scene Investigation Links

Reddy's Forensic Page

The Scientific Study of Crime Scenes and Evidence

Zeno's Forensic Site


Corporate Investigative Services

InterFIRE Online

Blood Splatter

International Association of Blood Stain Pattern Analysis

Crime Labs

American Society of Crime Lab Directors

FBI Laboratory Services

FBI Laboratory

Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Photography


DNA Databases

Scientific Working Group on DNA


FBI Lab Latent Print Unit


Introduction to Forensic Firearms Identification


Bias in Premise of Hanging

Security & Surveillance

International Intelligence Ltd.

International intelligence limited was founded with the aim of providing up to date intelligence by both technical and operational means worldwide. All of our personnel have military, special forces, intelligence or technical backgrounds. This aids us in our investigations, surveillance and close protection bodyguard operations, enabling us to draw on years of experience in areas such as electronic espionage, languages, surveillance, investigation and military planning and execution.

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