JaneAnne Murray (Minneapolis, MN)

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JaneAnne Murray is a candidate for Director in NACDL's 2022 election, nominated by the Nominating Committee.

I have been a criminal defense lawyer since 1993: three years as a state public defender (’93 - ’96); five years as a federal defender (’96 - ‘01); three years doing white collar work at a law-firm (’01 - ’04); and fifteen years as a solo practitioner. I have represented state and federal clients in cases in courts in New York and Minnesota, running the gamut up to complex fraud, espionage, public corruption, death-eligible murder and terrorism, and have tried over 20 jury trials as lead counsel. Today, in addition to my private practice, I teach full-time at the University of Minnesota Law School, focusing primarily on experiential learning. As such, I am versed in all aspects of criminal defense practice, as well as the challenges of training the defense lawyers of the future.

I have always dedicated myself to improving the quality of defense advocacy. Beginning in 1994, as a state public defender, I drafted a checklist for defense lawyers on the immigration consequences of criminal convictions for the Immigration Law Committee of the NY City Bar Association. I later organized CLE programs for its Criminal Law Committee, including two called “Lawyers in the Dock,” on the prosecution of lawyers for acts of advocacy. When I branched out on my own in 2005, I started a blog called “New York Federal Criminal Practice” (www.nyfederalcriminalpractice.com) which focused on recent New York federal cases of note. During this period of private practice in New York, I sat for many years on the NYSACDL Board of Directors, where I contributed many articles to its magazine, Atticus, including a regular column on recent New York federal cases called “Second Thoughts.” I also spearheaded and played a key role in the redesign of the NYSACDL website. After I moved to Minnesota in 2011, I briefly maintained a blog called “Behind the Eighth” addressing recent decisions of note from the Eighth Circuit (www.behindthe8th.com). I have contributed two articles to MACDL’s publication “VI” - one on President Obama’s clemency initiative, and a co-authored one on representing defendants in terrorism cases.

For NACDL, I have been on the board for four years, co-chair of the Sentencing Committee for approximately eight years, head of its Second Look Taskforce, a member of several task forces, and director of its Trial Penalty Clemency Project for two years. I have attended most board meetings since my appointment. In my capacity as co-chair of the Sentencing Committee, I was introduced at the ground level to Clemency Project 2014. I joined its Steering Committee, and contributed well over a thousand hours to advising counsel across the country, redrafting their petitions, reviewing petitions eligible for submission under CP2014’s criteria, as well as representing applicants myself. Along with law students, I drafted 35 petitions. I also sat on the Steering Committee of NACDL’s State Clemency Project and with students submitted petitions to the Governor of New York for eight applicants. NACDL’s Trial Penalty Clemency Project has supported over 40 federal clemency petitions, 14 of which were granted in January 2021. The Second Look Taskforce drafted model “second look” legislation for states and an accompanying report. I have I also contributed an article to The Champion’s special issue on Brady. I present regularly at CLE programs.

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